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Looking for something to do while your kids are in school?
Bolton is now accepting part-time and sub applications in our Food Services Program.
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Our Goal

To provide each student with food high in nutrition in an atmosphere of cleanliness and caring.

Payment and Charge Procedures

The Bolton Public Schools participate in the federally fundedNational School Lunch Program. Students can purchase lunch for $3.00.Reduced price or no cost lunch is available to students whose familiesqualify financially. Please contact the school office for anapplication.

Students are expected to pay for meals at the time of service.Students have each been assigned a Student Meal Account and a Personal Identification Number (PIN). To activate the account for your student,you must deposit money into the account. We encourage students to use their accounts as it allows for less chance of lost lunch money, quicker service at lunch time, and more parental control over a la carte purchases. Parents can make deposits to the account by making payments to the kitchen staff in one of three ways:

  1. Cash: Accepted in any amount for deposit to the account.
  2. Checks: Payable to Bolton Lunch Program. Include child's first and last name on check as a reference. One check may be used for multiple children in the same school, simply identify the children and state the amount to be deposited to each child's account. There will be a $20.00 bank fee for checks returned due to insufficient funds.
  3. Online Payment: Go to the www.myschoolbucks.com website and follow the instructions to register. Payments will be made directly to the child's account using a credit card (there is a small transaction fee for using a credit card).

If a negative balance occurs in an account, the student is told that he/she owes money. At Bolton Center School only, a student may charge up to five lunches. Snacks cannot be purchased when there is an outstanding balance on the account. When the account has reached five charged lunches, the Food Service Director will call the parents. If more then five lunches are charged, the student will only receive a cheese sandwich, fruit/vegetable and or milk, and the account will continue to be charged. There is no charging at Bolton High School.